Brand Strategy

To stand out from the competition, a brand must have a clear understanding of who they are, what they offer, and how their value proposition intersects with the needs and desires of their target market. This intersection of brand and market requires a thorough competitive analysis, target customer research, an honest evaluation of the company, and a creative positioning strategy that articulates the core essence of the brand.

We combine research, analysis, data-driven insights, and creativity to create a remarkable brand that your customers can identify and engage with.

We start with an initial consultation we call the "discovery session.”  In this session, we work through some exercises with your team to find out everything you currently know about your company, your potential customer base, and your business goals and objectives.

We then take the information we get from your team, and add our own proprietary blend of research procedures to dig deeper into your competition and your target customers.

Analyzing the combined data allows us to define your offering and determine your unique positioning in the market. We then identify and analyze your target customers to create buyer personas and archetypes across multiple segments. This helps you better understand who you should target and what their needs, wants, motivations, behaviors, and painpoints are. We accomplish this through social listening (what your potential customers are saying), and by gathering information on customers of your primary competitors. We also conduct keyword research to help improve your search engine optimization and social media presence.

Then comes the fun and creative side of brand strategy. We take all of the insights we gathered from our research and create your company’s brand guidebook. This includes the big picture, business-related details, such as your company’s vision, mission statement, values, tagline, and positioning statement. It also includes personality and verbal guidelines such as your brand’ voice and tone, messaging, narratives, keywords and hashtags, and how to best communicate to your customers across multiple channels and social platforms. Finally, the guidebook displays your visual identity, including your professionally designed logo, color palette, fonts, and mood board, as well as recommendations for photographs and illustrations. 

The final deliverables from our comprehensive brand strategy service includes:

1. A research report with the data and insights gathered from the discovery session, competitive analysis, and customer research

2. A breakdown of your target customer’s personas and archetypes, along with the buyer's journey to brand experience analysis

3. A brand guidebook  that presents your company's verbal and visual brand guidelines and protocols.

Our comprehensive brand strategy process includes the following elements, and are customized for the individual needs of each company.

Brand Discovery Session & Audit

Target Customer Analysis

  • Segmentation

  • Personas

  • Archetypes

Competitive Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Market Positioning


Buyer's Journey/Brand Experience


Keyword research

Research & Analysis



Positioning Statement

Brand voice & tone

Value Proposition

Messaging Architecture

  • Narratives

  • Key Messages

  • Channels & Platforms

  • Keywords & Hashtags

Visual Design Guidelines

  • Logo Design

  • Color Palette

  • Fonts

  • Mood board

  • Photo/Illustration recommendations

Identity & Messaging

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